Safe Food Handling (Standard 3.2.2A)

Are you a food handler at your hospitality workplace or need to become one? We take food safety seriously and we have a substantial online course that will ensure you are knowledgeable and aware about the laws and food standards including Standard 3.2.2A that would apply in your job.

Mel Kinigalakis · 09/08/2023

This course is essential for all staff who work with food products in the hospitality industry.  Complete our course and learn how to deal with food safely and responsibly.  This course will provide you with common sense techniques that will improve the knowledge of the food handler and reduce the risk of food poisoning to customers, ensuring a clean and safe working environment. As well as learn what are the most important areas that need to be monitored. Our course also covers the requirements of a food handlers course in accordance with Standard 3.2.2A Food Safety Management Tools which is a new Standard within the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. This applies to all Australian businesses in food service, catering, and retail sectors that handle unpackaged, potentially hazardous food that is ready to eat. Standard 3.2.2A is enforceable from 8 December 2023.

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  • 10 Lessons
  • 52 Topics
  • 8 Quizzes
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