Elementor Test

DD slash MM slash YYYY


Is the area clean and tidy (general housekeeping)?(Required)
Are floor areas clear of slip and trip hazards?(Required)
Beer kegs are not double stacked (if they are, a sufficient safety system must be in place).(Required)
Are floor mats in good condition and not overlapped?(Required)
Are manual handling aids readily available and in safe/usable condition (trolley tyres pumped up, electric pallet jacks within service etc.)(Required)
Are hazards and incidents being recorded and forwarded to management?(Required)
Have workers been trained, deemed competent, and recorded on training registers for tasks they are completing?(Required)
Are staff wearing required uniforms, including hard covered, “non-slip” shoes?(Required)
Are CO2 monitors within test date?(Required)
Are electrical cords and equipment away from water and in good condition?(Required)

Emergency Preparedness

Are fire panels or warden stations clear of obstruction?(Required)
Are fire exits clear of obstruction inside and out?(Required)
Is firefighting equipment clear of obstruction?(Required)
Are wardens designated at every shift and do they know what areas they are responsible to check during an evacuation?(Required)
Are first aid kits restocked?(Required)
Are first aid officers available during all shifts?(Required)


Are chemical bottles safely stored with lids attached?(Required)
Are all chemical containers correctly labelled?(Required)
Are Chemical Registers and Safety Data Sheets readily available near chemical storage and usage locations?(Required)
Is Personal Protective Equipment clean, available, and being used by staff when handling hazardous chemicals? (e.g. eye protection, gloves, apron)?(Required)
Are there items in this report that need following up by management?(Required)