CLO Refresher Program

This Customer Liaison Officer Refresher is aimed at those who need to update skills or refresh their knowledge. It provides up to date information regarding the responsibilities of the customer liaison officer for QLD hospitality workers.
Ian · 13/09/2020

Customer Liaison Officer Refresher Program (CLOR)

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Under the voluntary Queensland responsible gambling code of practice, gaming venues should have a Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) available during the approved gaming hours.

The CLO should be appropriately trained and is responsible for providing appropriate information to assist patrons when they are observed experiencing problem gambling. The approved manager may also be appropriately trained to assist with problem gambling situations.

Its important that all staff should know who the venue’s Customer Liaison Officer is. Is their photo and name on display in the gaming room?

Some of the duties a Customer Liaison Officer may be asked to carry out may include the following:

  • communicate directly with the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation in regards to any contraventions of exclusion orders
  • prepare exclusion forms
  • manage active exclusions (maintain any implemented exclusions)
  • maintain close links to locally based help organisations, this assists in the development of a local support framework
  • coordinate and deliver internal Responsible Gambling Training
  • supply support information to patrons and staff who maybe experiencing difficulties in dealing with gambling related difficulties
  • support team members trained in Provide Responsible Service of Gaming
  • maintain ‘Help” signs and posters around your premises
  • ensure discrete access areas have supplies of help fliers and contact cards for external counseling assistance
  • maintain gaming staff ban from gaming at the premises whilst employed and for 30 days after they cease employment
  • ensure credit betting is not permitted
  • prohibit minors from entering the gaming room

Your service team/staff should be able to avail themselves of a CLO for support, advice and or assistance.

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