Customer Liaison Officer

Gaming venues should have a Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) available during the approved gaming hours. The CLO needs to be trained in the exclusions process (self-exclusion and venue-initiated exclusion), providing gambling help services information, reporting to OLGR and knowledge of the code of practice.

Ian · 18/12/2019


Congratulations for being nominated by your venue to complete a (CLO) Customer Liaison Officer training course.

Under the Code of Practice, venues are to nominate a person to perform the role of a Customer Liaison Officer and to undertake three (3) key responsibilities. Namely, to:

  • provide appropriate information to assist patrons with gambling-related problems
  • support staff in providing assistance to those patrons
  • provide assistance to staff with gambling-related problems

We will look at these three responsibilities throughout the course.  Firstly, we should revisit the Code of Practice, signs of problem gambling and the odds of winning.

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